Writing Prompt: Second Job

For a prompt in a club I belong to on an art website, a friend of mine, Rae, posted a challenge to write something in one sitting without going back and editing.  This was the result.

Baby sat down at the desk, intent on his work. He’d had to take a part time day job in addition to his full time night job in order to make ends meet. He’d had trouble staying awake the first few days and managed to wrangle his sleep schedule around so he was up in the evenings and overnight and slept during the day. It had taken a bit of adjusting, but now he was thankful given the stack of paperwork sitting in front of him that needed proofed, stamped, stapled, put in envelopes and sent to the mailroom by the end of his shift. With only an hour to go, he’d have to work fast if he wanted out on time. Being late to his primary job was not high on his to do list, especially since the pay was better.

He scanned the page, intent on spelling or grammar errors in the notes.Anything found was circled in red ink and sent back to where it had come from.At least that didn’t need a new envelope or a cover letter.He had to check the entire document, however, and make sure he’d gotten everything and it always took at least three passes before he was sure he’d found every error.

After he’d checked for errors, he had two stacks. The first had to go back to their owners and be retyped. Those went back in their envelopes and were marked with a return stamp with a nifty line for when it was returned and the initials of the proof reader. Those went into the mail bin. Easy enough.

Again he poured through the stacks, looking for discrepancies in the information.Some of them he’d found right away and put in the front of the pile.Those, too, were returned with sited notation to the incorrect information.

Lastly he had the packets that would be sent on. Those were hurriedly tossed into the envelopes. Each one received a cut and paste letter printed out so he could hand write pertinent information. The cover letters were put in their respective envelopes, the envelopes sealed and stamped with a green stamp to be dated and initialed. Those, too, went into the mail bin so they could pick them up on the way through. Horray for outboxes!

Unfortunately he was running late, which meant skipping time to eat so he could be ready. Baby collected his belongings, jammed them in his handbag and ran for the door, punching his card on the way out with an apologetic smile when he nearly ran over one of the security guards.

He sprinted to his car and hurriedly unlocked it, dropped into the seat and got it into gear.He was backing up before his seatbelt clicked and he tore out of the lot toward home.After a brief stop to rummage through his room for a change of clothes, Baby was on his way again, pulling into his spot at the club only five minutes before his shift.Thankfully he wouldn’t be late.

Once inside, he clocked in and headed for the dressing rooms, relaxing once he’d pushed through the doors.The other employees were busily preparing for their shifts applying makeup and costumes.Baby dropped into his seat in front of the mirror and got out of his nine to five slacks and dress shirt, kicking his loafers under the vanity.He slipped into a pair of breakaway leathers and zipped into a sleeveless vest.Makeup was simple enough, only adding a little kohl to his eyes so they stood out and dusting on powder so he didn’t shine.A little mascara and a few glued jewels completed his eyes.Some gel and a little hairspray had his hair spiked and he strapped into platform shoes.

Baby Boy was ready for his first set, finally in his element.

About Carrie Fulk Vaughn

Carrie Fulk Vaughn (C.V. Madison) is a licensed massage therapist, author of LGBTQIA, Urban fantasy, horror & romance. Gamer geek full of Mountain Dew and schadenfreude pie. Twitter addict. Ball jointed doll collector.

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