Drabble: New Beginning

This is a little piece done as a sort of filler in the RP/story my girlfriend and I are writing.  It’s fanfiction and an AU to boot, but we loves us some Rude and Reno.

Reno sprawled out over the top bunk, left leg hanging off the side, right knee kicked up and both arms flopped straight out to his sides, face planted in a drool pile in the pillow and snoring softly.  The one security officer pointed at the redhead, ribbing his buddy.  “Check that shit out, man.  Hard to believe the man’s a Turk, ain’t it?”

The second nodded.  “Looks pretty harmless up there like that.  Hey, go get the shaving cream.”

“Fuck, dude, we haven’t done that shit since we were ten.”

“Yea, and I bet he’d never know.  Come on.”  He started rooting around for something to tickle him with from a good distance away, looking back over his shoulder.  “Go, man, go!”

The first rolled his eyes and went over to his shower kit to fish out a small canister of shaving cream and shook the can as he brought it back over.  “You know if he wakes up and catches us we’re gonna get creamed.”

“What harm can it do?  He’s got a sense of humor, right?”  Positioning himself near the head of the bed, he stood and waited for his friend to ready the shaving cream.  The can was poised, finger on the trigger…

Someone in the doorway cleared their throat.  “Are one of you Reno…. No last name given.  Are one of you Reno?”

The two young men looked at each other as Reno rolled over and sat up.  “M’Reno.”

Both of the security boys paled and clambered back down off of the bed, trying to hide what they’d been doing.  The newcomer made his way in, standing at the foot of the bed.

“I was sent to inform you of your partner’s accident while on assignment.  He is in stable condition.  No further information is available.”

Reno blinked.  “Y’mean Rude?”

The man gave a single affirmative.  “Yes, sir.”

“Where’s ‘e at?”

“I’m sorry, sir, that’s classified.”

“Pffft, m’above the law, yo.  M’a fuckin’ Turk.  Where’s Rude?”

“I’m sorry, sir, that’s classified information.”

Reno’s eyes drifted to the clipboard the man held.  He could already see several of the lines of text had been covered by black boxes.  What many people overlooked, however, was what Reno specialized at.  “Classified, huh?  S’it in that report there?”

“I’ve told you everything that is in this report, sir.”

“Uh huh.  Then y’won’t mind if I look at it.”

“I’m sorry, sir, but I am not authorized to—“

Reno leaned over, grabbing for the clipboard.  The man drew his gun, leveling it at Reno.  “Sir, this is classified information and I am authorized to u—“

Another hand reached out, grabbing the gun and pointed it upward, distracting him from the kick to the back of the head.  Another followed, loosing the gun from his grip and Reno held both it and the clipboard, putting his foot on the man’s head to hold him at bay as he read over the report.  The wheels in his head were turning, pulling information from the files as he read over them and filling in the blanks around the black bars over several lines of the text.  The man struggled and grabbed at Reno’s leg, trying to pull him off the bed.

“You are to return that file to me at once!  You are not authorized to have more information than—“

Reno held the clipboard back to him.  “It’s just fuckin’ bars, yo.  Don’t get your panties in a knot.”  He also returned the man’s side arm and flopped back on the bed.  “Get the hell outta here.”

Taking a moment to put away his firearm and straighten his rumpled clothing, the man turned on his heel and headed out, very disgruntled.  However, Reno had the information he needed.  Rude was in Gongaga.  Now Reno just had to figure out a way to get there.

About Carrie Fulk Vaughn

Carrie Fulk Vaughn (C.V. Madison) is a licensed massage therapist, author of LGBTQIA, Urban fantasy, horror & romance. Gamer geek full of Mountain Dew and schadenfreude pie. Twitter addict. Ball jointed doll collector.

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