In the last couple of weeks, I’ve gotten a couple of really nice blog articles through my Twitter feed about using Twitter as a writer. The more recent post is Why Writers should use Twitter, describing her thoughts to a blog written by Thewritefox (I wish I’d thought of that name!). The second was how to use Twitter, what all those terms mean and slant it toward being a writer. I thought I would add to the conversation with how NOT to get me to follow you.

When Twitter first rolled out and people started talking about it, I really didn’t get it. I thought it was a really bad idea. How easy it is to just post something off the cuff and then regret it. Once it’s been said, especially by celebrities, it’s been said, retweeted and has been all over the internet.

Then I started actually using it, posting snippets. No one replied because only bots were following me. It fell to the wayside again.

A lot of celebrities posted on twitter, so I picked it up again and started following people, reading about their lives through their short posts and it actually made me happy. I LIKE reading about people’s lives. Their ups and downs and their progress in whatever hobby or work they do. I enjoyed seeing their little ones or their significant others and reading funny snippets. People could share things they find funny with me and I could share them as well. I could add people I know, people I don’t know but find amusing, celebrities…

I could post my own stuff without anyone commenting back to it. I could ramble about my day in 140 characters and no one noticed. I could post about writing I was doing and have blog posts set up to it. All I got were bots. Sometimes when I posted directly to people, they actually answered back. It was like being in a social situation without all that awkward “why are you listening to our conversation” looks. I tend to be more of a “that quiet person in the corner” kind of girl. I’m used to being on the outside of most social circles for a long time before people start going “Oh! Hi! I think I might remember you…”

I want to read about your life. I don’t want intimate details of your sex life, but if you feel so inclined to share, awesome. If you had a really great lunch with your best friend, post it. Tell us what you had and what made it so good. Keep it short and sweet. Post a link to their site if you have space. is your friend. If I’m ever in your area, I have an in to a great place for lunch.

If you’re writing, let us know. Tell us your trials and tribulations. “I love and hate my editor” is actually a comforting statement. All of us hate chopping and hacking at our babies. It gets easier to spread the pain around.

On that same token, I don’t want to read only about your work. I don’t. If I’m not going to buy your book, I’m not going to. If I was thinking about it and you keep spamming it, that actually makes me LESS likely to read it. It’s like going to the market, finding someone in the frozen foods and handing them a pamphlet. They look at it, find it interesting and you walk away. I’m good with that. When it starts becoming a pattern, however, that’s when I get annoying. There’s no icebreaker. There’s just another flyer waving in my face. That’s ALL I’ve seen from you. That gets old quick. Then you find them again in the bakery. And the canned foods. And the milk. And again at the eggs. And at the register. By the time I get to the register, I’m walking up to the nice officer at the door and telling them you’re harassing me. Nothing but constant book spam. Only on Twitter, it’s called the “unfollow” button. Don’t make me sorry I clicked it in the first place.

Don’t post message after message after message af– I think you get the point. I used to follow my gym on Twitter. Once they posted 53 videos in a ROW on Twitter, I got a little annoyed. Unfollowed. Sorry, guys. I don’t need that many posts to videos. Upload slowly. If you’re having a productive day, that’s awesome. Posting updates so quickly that no one else can get a word between you to break up the monotony? That’s inexcusable. Save something for tomorrow. I also unfollowed Roseanne. As much as I absolutely love her, she would write paragraphs and send them one at a time and they were usually ranty. That’s what makes Roseanne… well, Roseanne. I couldn’t be TOO upset, but I did unfollow because that’s ALL it was.

Try and be fun. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. It also makes you less than fun to read on Twitter and, to be honest, I won’t follow you if I find nothing but book spam.

I am far from perfect, before you think it. I rant about my coworkers. I wank about work. I post about the stupidity of the people around me. Stuff annoys me and I tweet it. I also talk about work. I ramble about my girlfriend. I get depressed and sometimes I make posts about that, too. We’re all human.

Now that I’ve rambled at you about posting, I think I’ll stop doing just that and hope to see you all on twitter. I’m @deabreydigest if you want to stalk me.


About Carrie Fulk Vaughn

Carrie Fulk Vaughn (C.V. Madison) is a licensed massage therapist, author of LGBTQIA, Urban fantasy, horror & romance. Gamer geek full of Mountain Dew and schadenfreude pie. Twitter addict. Ball jointed doll collector.

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  1. Ruth Ellen Parlour

    I agree – I hate spammers and people who post all the time. I just unfollow. There’s some people who I read all the time and others I read occasionally.

    By the way – you have a hilarious typo in the second to last paragraph (second line) at least I’m assuming it’s a typo!

  2. deaubreydigest

    I’m not seeing the typo unless you’re talking about the use of the word “wank”. I meant to use that one. 🙂

  3. Ruth Ellen Parlour

    Oh sorry – I did wonder about that 🙂

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