What a day!

Today has been what I like to call a plus/minus day. One thing will happen on the plus side, only to be followed by a minus. Sometimes they will stack up on each other and make three pluses, followed by a minus, then a plus again, then two minus… and until you get to the end of the day you have no idea just how your day stacks up.

Today is a plus/minus day and I’m going to take you all on a little trip with me through it. I’ll probably be editing a little as I go along because I am not even close to at the end of my day.

+ I woke up this morning feeling decent. I was filled with allergies, but I live in Ohio, so that’s nothing new.

– When I wake up, the first thing I do is check my phone. There was a text message from my coworker asking me if I could come in for her and work since she’s having personal issues she needs to deal with. I can use the extra money, especially with the move coming up. So I say yes.

– Now because I’m going in to work early I can’t take the mailing in to the post office like I planned.

+ The boys didn’t have part of their mailing finished, so they have more time to get the items taken care of before I go to the post office.

+ I grab lunch on the way to work. Salad and yogurt and sweet tea. Mmm. I walk through the door at work.

– – – My coworker is literally bug-eyed and raving when I come in the door. She unlocked it for me and was both in tears and laughing. And not just the simple laughter from stress. She’s *crazytown* laughing. I’m on guard immediately. Is this woman going to kill someone? I speak in soothing tones. What’s going on?

– She starts ranting about her ex, about her kids, about the job, about our boss, about an email he sent… I listen to this as she’s trying to write an email to our boss. She’s threatening to walk out and quit, she’s clutching her head and looks like she’s about to be sick. I’m major class putting on the calm, soothing mojo and talking her down.

– She starts crying instead of laughing and crying and talks about some of the baby-mama drama that’s going on in her life. Her ex seems like kind of a piece of crap and I listen as she tells me all that’s recently going on. She’s done this before in the past, so I at least have an inkling what’s going on.

+ She calms down, thankfully. She stops crying and talks to me logically about what she’s done in the office today. She tells our other coworker in the sister office what’s going on via IM but she’s still rambling at me, so poor Patty has NO IDEA what’s going on. I start putting away sheets while my coworker answers an email and forwards some things over to the other office. I think she’s okay.

– – Coworker starts yelling from the front. I can’t understand her.

+ + Thank GOD we’re not open yet and the doors are locked. OMG.

– I come running up front to talk her down again.

+ All the sheets are put away.

– She starts yelling about the email again that she’d apparently forgotten about up to this point. I ask her who sent the email and she tells us it was the boss. She starts reading it out loud and the way she’s reading it sounds really, really bad. She is typing up a reply and taking forever doing it. I stay there in case she has another freakout.

– She sends the email, still ranting about it. She’s going between being pissed off and crying. At least she’s not laughing. She’s still clutching at her head, though.

+ We get her calmed down again. I tell her I’m going to read the email since apparently it was sent to me as well. I tell her to go home, to take some tylenol for her headache and just to chill out for awhile. Think. And if she needs me to text me.

At this point I sit down at the desk, I clock in and I get in touch with Patty to find out what’s going on. Our boss is coming in because I don’t think HE knew what was going on.

+ I get the day started. Download my spreadsheets, make sure they’re SAVED correctly, color code and turn up the phones. Patty has done all the voicemail and updated things and all that good junk.

+ Read the email coworker was ranting about. The email isn’t anything bad or slanderous like she made it seem. It was just explaining things. Pretty straightforward.

+ I have a chat with the boss about things in the email that concerned me. He said he would look at the situation and would make a plan to fix the things I still needed to learn.

+ He brings me change so I don’t have to go get it.

– I get a call from the lady I’ve been trying to rent a house from. The house was perfect. She’s no longer renting.

– I think she’s lying about the circumstances around the house and doesn’t want to tell me. I think she found other tenants instead of me. Regardless, we won’t be moving into a place with more space. We’ll be staying in the too small apartment until I can find a new place for us to live.

– I really wanted to move to a bigger place.

+ I think we dodged a crazy landlady. She first told me she was going to live with her daughter when she rented the house. When she called today, she said she couldn’t live with her aunt and uncle anymore and she wasn’t renting the house now. She changed the fees twice on me before we moved. I think it’s probably a good thing I didn’t move in there. especially since the court system could award the house to her husband in their divorce.

+ I think the above needs another plus.

– I haven’t been able to eat my lunch yet because my day has been so crazy busy!

+ The money I had originally planned to use for the first month’s rent and deposit for the house I can now use to get my car fixed.

I have officially declared it Whiskey O’Clock when I get home!!

About Carrie Fulk Vaughn

Carrie Fulk Vaughn (C.V. Madison) is a licensed massage therapist, author of LGBTQIA, Urban fantasy, horror & romance. Gamer geek full of Mountain Dew and schadenfreude pie. Twitter addict. Ball jointed doll collector.

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