National Novel Writers Month is creeping in

I’m sure everyone has seen a post or thirty about NaNoWriMo coming around again. Every November catches me with my pants down around my ankles as I scramble to try and find venues for write-ins and plot-ins. Thankfully my fellow Municipal Liaison has done some of the footwork already for write-ins she’s holding. I’m the one lagging behind! Monday will be my big phone call day in which I chase down those in charge of places for people to do things and get them to confirm dates.

I’ve seen several posts about how to be successful during NaNo, how NOT to be successful, some books that will help and people’s general thoughts on how they make November successful. One of the girls on our forum said she’s NaNo Nesting. It’s a really good term for preparing for the month. People are plotting, jotting scene ideas, making premade meals so they can just toss them in the microwave and have dinner for the family when they need to write… anything it takes to make navigating November more successful. I, personally, eat more takeout and spend a LOT of time at write-ins. I spend lunch breaks at work furiously writing either on the laptop I bring with me or in Googledocs on the work computer. My house looks like an absolute disaster, usually just before Christmas. I let laundry go. I let dishes go. I let showers go. Yes, I said it. I forgo one shower a week in order to write more.

The biggest thing it comes down to is writing. Just write. Sit down, bang out some crap and call it done. It doesn’t matter if it’s good. That’s why you edit later. You should be aiming for 1667 words a day every day for 30 days. If that works, great. If you have to sit down on a Saturday and beat out the week’s worth of words, do it. Whatever gets those words down on a page, do it. Create a general road map, sit down and write. Make time.

And that’s the biggest hurdle. Make time. That’s really the secret to writing at any time of year. Sit down and write. Put words on page and WRITE. Yeah, yeah, stop calling me Pot, Kettle.

If you want someone else’s strategy, you can always check out Kevin Kaiser’s NaNo 30 day survival guide. Chris Beatty, the guy who started all this insanity, has a few books on sale in the NaNo store about writing. All the proceeds go to funding future NaNo goodness. Savvy Authors is doing a NaNo Boot Camp and it’s free for their premium members. Blog writers everywhere are starting their posts (like this one) and are gearing up for the insanity. The wonderful Chuck Wendig has a really sound blog post about NaNo with a lot of links, so make sure you’re ready when you open this one.

I’m going to take my happy ass onto the forums now so I can see what else is going on. See you all on the other side of November.

About Carrie Fulk Vaughn

Carrie Fulk Vaughn (C.V. Madison) is a licensed massage therapist, author of LGBTQIA, Urban fantasy, horror & romance. Gamer geek full of Mountain Dew and schadenfreude pie. Twitter addict. Ball jointed doll collector.

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