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 Ferdinand brushed a hand over his sweat soaked skin to loosen clinging strands of hair from his face. Heat spread over his hips and thighs and settled at the base of his spine as he urged his lover to bury himself deeper inside. He moaned in pleasure as Hunter’s muscle flexed, body ground against body, and sweat glistened across his tattooed flesh. They moved in tandem against one another, connecting again and again in blazing passion. Pleasure surged through his body, swelled and crested. Ferdinand clung desperately to his lover and trembled as he came.

Hunter collapsed atop him in the center of the bed as they both struggled for breath, limbs tangled in an intricate knot. Their lips met and parted, issuing proclamations of love and sweet nothings between heated kisses. Sex with Hunter was more deeply satisfying than any meal Ferdinand ever killed. Tonight would be no more lonely hands roving his flesh and bringing himself to orgasm. When they came together, the promise always kept: they spent three days in bed, fucking and cuddling and feeding each other whatever takeout delivered. There was nothing quite like being remembered and falling into his lover’s arms.

Hunter ran his hands over Ferdinand’s face and neck, seeming starved for the sight and feel of him.

“Did you miss me?” Ferdinand asked his usual question as he plucked at the corner of the sheet. His feigned disinterest never fooled Hunter. Hunter’s laugh was deep as he responded as he always did.

“Like breath.”

“Not just the sex?” Ferdinand pulled his lover’s full weight atop him. His lover worried of crushing him, but no human weight had ever been too much for him. Hunter bit Ferdinand’s shoulder playfully. Sweet Hunter. Quiet and introspective and deeply thoughtful, all conveyed through his voice. Hunter reminded him of someone Ferdinand’s age in a young, mortal form.

“No, not just the sex.” His tone was gentle, amused and slightly irritated as he shoved his arm under Ferdinand’s shoulders and the pillow beneath his head. He shifted to rest on his hip and moved so Ferdinand had to meet his gaze. “I mean that.”

“I know you do.” He wrinkled his nose. “I enjoy hearing it.”

“Is that why you always ask me the same question?”

“Of course.” Ferdinand twisted the long strands of Hunter’s wavy brown hair into half braids. “Would you expect anything less? Or different?”

“I might worry about you if you didn’t.” Hunter rubbed his cheek against Ferdinand’s before rolling toward the table beside their bed. “Are you going to open your present? You didn’t seem interested when I first came home, but I think you’ll appreciate your gift now.”

Ferdinand sat up against the headboard and took the brightly papered package. The gift had probably been wrapped before Hunter left the store. Ferdinand slipped the ribbon off and dropped the curled strands to the bed between them. He gingerly loosened the tape on one end. He wanted to save the wrapping. He had dozens of boxes lining the shelves that he’d re-wrapped. The little things kept him human. He never lost the appreciation of thoughtful details, even in as long as he’d been alive.

Without tearing much of the paper, he retrieved the small white box from inside the wrapping and lifted the lid. Inside the box nested a rather large golden heart. Hunter pressed a button near the chain and the face opened. Inside was a small snapshot Hunter carried of the two of them, nose-to-nose and forehead-to-forehead, smiling. A faint song played. Ferdinand lifted the trinket to his ear.

“Is that…” He listened again. Ferdinand snaked his arms around Hunter’s neck and hugged him tight. The locket swung from his hand.

“It’s our song,” Hunter whispered, his lips brushing Ferdinand’s ear. He bowed his head, hair covering his face, but Ferdinand saw him smiling. “Do you like it? I thought you might think it was silly.”

“Sentimental,” Ferdinand corrected. “I’m rather fond of sentimental. You really must have missed me.”

He wasn’t sure Hunter fathomed how old he was, happy as lovers and friends. He didn’t need blood often. When he did, his meal always came from safe sources. Although Ferdinand thought Hunter suspected, he would not raise the question. The little vampire was quite content holding Hunter while he had him and watching while he slept.

He held the locket out by the chain and lifted his hair so Hunter could fasten it around his neck. His fingertips were warm where he brushed the back of Ferdinand’s neck. The cool chain settled on his neck and the weight of the charm carried the small anatomical model to the center of his chest.

His task complete, Hunter shifted and curled down into the bed. He pulled Ferdinand with him, spooning around his back. With a yawn, he tucked his chin over Ferdinand’s shoulder.

“A ring seemed overdone, and so did a proposal,” Hunter murmured sleepily.

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About Carrie Fulk Vaughn

Carrie Fulk Vaughn (C.V. Madison) is a licensed massage therapist, author of LGBTQIA, Urban fantasy, horror & romance. Gamer geek full of Mountain Dew and schadenfreude pie. Twitter addict. Ball jointed doll collector.

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  1. What a beautiful gift! No he’ll always have a piece of his lover with him.

  2. this sounds like it’s part of a very interesting story!

  3. Great piece! Love the necklace instead of a ring. A nice twist. 🙂

  4. Love these two, would love more 🙂

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