Research stumble: Reasons I’m not Writing

It’s strange how information on a particular character until you try to describe a chest that won’t be important until much later in the storyline and you realize the information contained is extremely important. So you start to research one little thing.

Hm. When would the character have owned this item?

Google search: Vlad the Impaler

So Vlad III lived from 1431 to 1476. Okay, cool. That gives me a time frame. *continues to read about Vlad because, hey! Pretty notorious historical figure*

So Vlad II was the original Dracul. What the hell is this Order of the Dragon shit? *click link and continue reading about Vlad III*

Yeah, yeah, impaling enemies. Blahblah. Whatever. What else do you know about him? The guy impaled people. Fine. Pikes, war, whatever, I got it. The guy had wives. What about kids? Where are his kids?

Google search: Did Vlad III have any children? *clicks a link I think is about the royals* Whaaat? Okay, whatever. I’m probably related to some weird ass historical figures by association, too. Whatever. Google, you failed me.  *clicks link for Yahoo answers because it’s the only one that looks promising*

Of course none of the links work. However, I’m taking what is said as factual-ish. Good enough for me. So Vlad had a kid who spent his life with the Diocese and then died of some unknown mortal disease. What the hell is a Diocese? Hmmm… promising. More religion. Okay, Catholics. Damn. He died when he was like ten. Death faked maybe? That could work.

Was Vlad III an only child? *goes back to Wikipedia* Yup. Two older, one younger. Lets go look into the brothers, shall we?

*proceeds to click through the entire family line and read up on them*

What the everloving fuck. These people bounced all over the damned throne. *follows the proceeded by and succeeded by* Hey, this is kinda cool. Vlad III’s brother was killed by a guy named Dimitrije which is really damned close to Dimitri. He could have changed the name to something simple. Maybe he took that name when his death was faked? Maybe he was the one who killed his uncle? Nah. Too Shakespearean.

So let’s go research Daddy dearest. What’s up with that?

Huh. They’re somehow tied in with Bathory. Didn’t know that. Yeah, yeah, stop telling me about the dragon bit. I knew it meant dragon. Didn’t know it was from the Or– oh, yeah.

*goes back to the Order of the Dragon*

What the fuck is this all about? Okay, some guy wanted to gather allies for Hungary. Sounds like a bunch of knob polishing to me. So this is some kind of religious order? Okay. So Catholic. Roman Catholic or another type of Catholic? Lutherans weren’t around yet.

*proceeds to delve into the history of Catholicism in 1400s* *great Western schism*

Okay, so around the time the Vlads and Kin are fighting over that stupid throne, there’s a whole upheaval of the Catholic church because one asshole had to break tradition with Rome and move somewhere in France? It’s all Catholic. WTF. Wait, no. Vlad II ruled after that whole clusterfuck was over. Okay so why was the order of the Dragon formed if that whole thing calmed down before that? Ah. It went on through the 1600s. That might explain that. Wait.

What does this have to do with anything again? So they were Catholic. That means the character would be Catholic. Probably Roman Catholic. What exactly do Roman Catholics believe. Might make changes in the character.

Google search: beliefs of Catholics *clicks and reads a couple dozen links before really reading this one*

What the hell? I was raised Lutheran and they’re Protestant. We don’t believe any of this shit. Okay, the whole body and blood of Christ eating thing still REALLY creeps me out. Seriously. *retch* Okay, so I learned my familial religion is close to Catholicism. Got it.

Google search: Romanian burial customs *find nothing I’m looking for*

Wikipedia, don’t fail me now! Google Search: Sarcophagus

I need to know where they were used other than Egypt. Rome, Britian, US. Hm, Istanbul is getting closer. Okay, they’re made of Alabaster. Would that be available? What IS alabaster anyway? I know it means white. Okay, so it’s almost white. Cool. That would work for what I want. Soft stone, essentially. Ah! That’s why it’s in the basement! It won’t stand up to being outdoors. The weather would erode it! Cool.

They were Catholic. Let’s look for Early Christian Sarcophagus

Okay, let’s just go for the search: Sarcophagus in Romania

Hot damn! I got a result. Good enough for me. Oh goddamnit, that’s the crypt for Corvinus! He was neck deep with Vlad. Okay, well, what about we try again?

Balasa Cantacuzin

Good enough for me! She’s Romanian! She has a sarcophagus! Now I can just sit down and write something about this stupid box in the basement!

And then instead of writing about the stupid sarcophagus I was researching this WHOLE TIME, I came to make a blog post about it.


About Carrie Fulk Vaughn

Carrie Fulk Vaughn (C.V. Madison) is a licensed massage therapist, author of LGBTQIA, Urban fantasy, horror & romance. Gamer geek full of Mountain Dew and schadenfreude pie. Twitter addict. Ball jointed doll collector.

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