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I will be serving as one of three game heads for MARCON 50. We will be at the Hyatt convention center in Columbus, Ohio. When I’m not running games, I will be participating in panels and working game operations. If you’re into science fiction, fantasy, write either of those things or you want to come game with us, pick up a badge!

Columbus in Darkness will host a Live Action Role Play (LARP). We have an Amptguard team on staff who will be training us how to fight. (And you know I’ll be in the middle of that as long as Branden will have me.) We have tabletop games, we’ll have computer and system gaming and board games available all weekend.

The panels this year are really interesting. There are several writing oriented panels as well as gaming and general science fiction geekery. I had to severely limit myself on how many panels I wanted to participate in. There are panels I want to attend because I know absolutely nothing about the subject and I want to know more. And that’s not even talking about the presentations.

We have been hard at work putting together prize packs for the various tournaments. I don’t want to let too much slip, but there have been rumors of a super awesome giveaway by the Amptguard group and I also heard rumors of super awesome dice bags. Not to mention what I’m making and giving away. You all know I’m a massage therapist, right? I’ll just sit here and nod knowingly at you while you figure that one out.

We have an entire area specifically for children’s gaming and I will be running Faery’s Tale. Parents and children can play together in this tabletop RPG and I’m SUPER STOKED to play with you guys. Seriously stoked. I even made little prizes for the kids who play. And the parents. Because I would TOTALLY want one of these things. It doesn’t make a lot of noise and it’s pretty. And some of them are sparkly.

Plus there will be NASA things there. I can’t tell you what, but it’s super awesome!

The convention runs May 8th, 9th and 10th. I want to meet people!


Once a roleplayer, always a roleplayer

This comes from the lovely Michelle Bellanger. I, as an old school Vampire: the Masquerade player, am intensely interested in reading the culmination of one Storyteller’s rendition of the world. This was too good not to reblog.

Stories and Dreams

As many of you know, I’ve been a gamer since about the time I could roll dice. I was in fourth grade when my remarkably progressive public school introduced us to Dungeons & Dragons, encouraging my gifted class to play the game as the perfect union of math and creativity (if you remember how to calculate old school ThAC0, then you definitely remember the math part!). D&D was set in worlds inspired by the fiction of Tolkien and other fantasy greats and while I enjoy high fantasy well enough, I didn’t find a game world that really gripped me till Vampire: The Masquerade came along in 1991. They had me at vampires, but the World of Darkness against which White Wolf’s storytelling system played out was what really seized my imagination.

Set in a modern world a step off from our own where magic and monsters existed in the…

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Resinnation: BJDs are vampires

The Caffeine Crew

100_1888 Tan skinned dolls can turn a lovely shade of vomit green.

Something I learned early on about resin dolls is they don’t really like the sunlight. Even accidental sun exposure can damage your doll. It can be something as “simple” as discoloration or something more sickening, such as melting.

Sealants have often been touted as a way to prevent damage to ball joint dolls from sun exposure, but, as this video shows, the sealants used did not protect in any way from sun damage to the skull cap.

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Resinnation: Sharpie vs White Eraser

I am a regular contributer to the Caffeine Crew and I wanted to share my post with you for this week. If you are interested in anything geeky, dorky or all around nerdy, check out the Crew.

The Caffeine Crew

In the vein of my last post, I’m going through a list of products given to remove permanent marker and applying it to resin in an attempt to fix my now damaged Impldoll head.

My apologies for the sniffles. Allergy season.

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My first doll

This is my first ball joint doll: RS Doll Pixiu. He’s so awesome! Of course my roommates are all creeped out.

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