Panel Topics

This is a list of the current panels I will be presenting at upcoming conventions.

How to Play Role Play Games

Have you ever wanted to play a tabletop role playing game, but don’t know where to start? What are your responsibilities as a player? What do you NOT want to do? What are your Game Master’s responsibilities to you as a player? Come find out!


Character Creation in Roleplaying

Do you want to play tabletop role playing games, but don’t know the first thing about creating characters? We’ll guide you through basic character creation tips to create a beginning character.


That’s so Kawaii!: Japanese Street Fashion

What are the common street fashions today? What defines certain street fashion? What is Decora and how do I get in on it? The Japanese have the market on fun and freaky fashion locked. Let’s talk about it.


How to Write Good Fiction

What is the basis for writing good fiction? Be it fanfiction or original fiction, there are things that make a story great and things that make us roll our eyes so hard we see our own brain. We’ll discuss the do and don’t of fiction writing.


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