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State of the Author

My days lately have been filled with work, crafting and gaming preparation. I’ve been posting pictures of what I’ve been working on via Twitter. Marcon and Midorifest preparations have taken me down a peg or three and I feel as though I’ve been doing nothing but prep work for those events.

I have spent a lot of time recreating all of the blog posts I lost through my book blog being shut down. The link at the top of the page for Yeah Books! has been updated to the new site. For as much time and effort as I put into those blog posts, to have it shut down out from under me really hurts. I individually formatted each and every post to my blog. Yes, some of the content was similar, but each and every post was hand entered, hand linked and formatted and checked for accuracy. I spent time on what I did. A lot more than I spend writing “original” posts for my blog.

Yes. A little bitter. I’ll be over it soon.

I have been writing for not only the D20 Girls magazine, but also for the Caffeine Crew and those posts have been going relatively well. I just have to keep up on them and not let deadlines pass me by. Like the encroaching deadline for my blog post on the D20 Girls website. I write about mobile games on the Caffeine Crew, I write about ball jointed dolls for the D20 Girls blog and I have several different articles available for the D20 Girls magazine. In the upcoming edition, I have written a book review, manga review and an article on Japanese street fashion.

Off of the article I wrote, I will be presenting a class at Midorifest on street fashion and what makes a decora style. I will also be running Hunter the Vigil and World of Darkness at Midorifest. I’m considering it a mini-run for Marcon since there’s only a month between them.

And I’m nervous as hell.

Normally when I am in a position of authority, my social anxiety is abated. Hopefully this holds true and the nervousness is just excitement.

We are only a few weeks out from spring. Maybe then I won’t feel so bleh about everything. Maybe I should look into a tanning membership for the next couple of months.

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