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Author Allies Autumn Mixer 2014


WHEW! Am I ever LATE to this PARTY!

Hello, I’m C.V. Madison! I’m a science fiction, urban fantasy, horror and steampunk author. Most all of my stories are romance. And my characters are a wide variety of sexualities, although two of my releases feature M/M leads. I’ve recently released With Proper Maintenance, a M/M steampunk novella from Jupiter Gardens Press and sometime before the end of the year, I have a M/F ninja story coming out in an anthology from Circlet Press.

By day I am a licensed massage therapist and I like to think I’m pretty good at what I do. I’ve been at my current job for three and a half years. I worked for a Massage Envy for two and a half years prior to that. When I’ve been asked how I got into massage, the answer is always the same: I heard an ad on the radio for my school and thought “I can do that”. I walked in my first day of classes and we did hands-on that very first day. It hit me then. “Yup. This is what I’m meant to do with my life.” All in all, I’ve been a massage therapist for six years and it’s one of those jobs you don’t really see as a job. I go to work and I enjoy what I do. It’s a blessing.

I have a LOT of hobbies.

  • I collect resin ball jointed dolls. I have two dolls currently and a long wish list of dolls I’d like to some day own. I write about ball jointed dolls for the Caffeine Crew on Wednesdays (which I will be posting a new article for them shortly!)
  • I cosplay. I’ve been a cosplayer for several years now. I’ve done mostly video game characters from Final Fantasy, but I have a Fat Princess costume planned for Ohayocon this year.
  • I’m a gamer. I’m planning on running World of Darkness campaigns for the Columbus D20 girls at various conventions. I’m going to drop my schedule up on the webpage as soon as I have confirmation. I know for a fact I’ll be doing Marcon in 2015. I also play World of Warcraft on Steamwheedle Cartel. And I have a thing for Atlus games, specifically Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne. I have yet to get into Persona.
  • I crochet. Last Christmas I made blankets for my nieces and nephews. I also make shrugs and sweaters for my ball joint dolls.
  • I have a thing for coffee. I worked at an independent coffee house for three years. During that time, I was educated about coffee, tea and Burts Bees products. It’s become a passion in my life as big as massage therapy and writing.

I have participated in National Novel Writer’s Month for the last eight years. I am one of the Municipal Liaisons for Columbus, Ohio. Each November a bunch of us crazy writers get together and write 50,000 words in 30 days. Most of the time we meet at libraries and coffee houses or Panera bread.

I do book reviews for the Yeah Books! blog and Masquerade Crew as well as hosting book tours with Ally Nation and Goddess Fish Promotions. The best place to interact with me is on Twitter. I’m on there all the time.

I don’t know what else to say about myself.

Leave me a comment! Comments are moderated, but I get to them as soon as I’m notified. I’d love to chat with you all!


Web Serial: Kneaded (Episode 3)

I close my eyes as I work, letting my fingers “see” where the muscle needs work. Corded muscle rolls from between my fingertips at the joinder of neck and shoulder. I repeat the action until the muscle submits and stays in the pinch grip. Making a fist, I press with firm, deep pressure from shoulder point to the back of the ear.

His head doesn’t move. I apply a bit more pressure at the back of his head. He pushes back against me.

“If possible, relax a bit for me, okay? Your head should be loose on your neck.” I release pressure against the occipital ridge and reverse the pass to the acromion. I learned a long time ago when you say the word “relax”, clients always tense, especially those with physical or psychological trauma, type “A” personalities or, well, just about anybody.

The second pass goes a little smoother and his head rolls a bit to the side. His forehead doesn’t have the deep crease between his eyebrows.


I gently lift the mass of his shoulder to slide my hands beneath and use his body weight to get a little more pressure in the trapezius. I don’t need much distance. I cup my fingers to get into the muscle. This loosens the muscle before I get into the back. Makes my job so much easier.

Except when he brings his shoulder off the table to “help” me. And then leaves it there. I rest my palm against his shoulder. When he doesn’t drop to the table, I apply a little pressure to coax him down. His shoulder shakes and then lowers. I work from the origin of the trapezius toward the shoulder with a “come hither” hand motion, then up to the neck. The second pass takes me from the origin along the spine.

From the table in the corner, his cell phone blares out an obnoxiously loud ditty one could hear in the parking lot. Through the noise of traffic and the lawn crews with leaf blowers. I startle, then catch my breath. Definitely too loud for a small room with low lights and soft music. I continue once my heart falls from my throat. No matter how many times it happens in a day, I nearly leap out of my skin every time.

The phone stops. I can finally hear the wood flute in the background. Why people don’t silence their cell phones when they come in is beyond me. One would think having a relaxing session, an hour without interruption, would be top of their priority list. Or that they would at least think of the other clients in other rooms since we’re a multi-therapist business. Or the therapist in their room who chokes on their tongue every time it rings.

Another ring. I bite my tongue and resist the urge to turn his phone off for him.

“Sorry,” he finally murmurs. He doesn’t open his eyes, so I don’t bother with a polite smile.

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