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Short Stories
  • silent_shadows_come_cover_400Shadows and Silence under pen name C.V. Madison
    Part of the Silent Shadows Come anthology
    erotic M/F sci-fi
    Release Date: TBA
    Buy your copy at: [Circlet Press]
  • With Proper Maintenance-highresWith Proper Maintenance under pen name C.V. Madison
  • erotic M/M steampunk
  • Release date: 10/09/2014
  • Buy your copy at: [Jupiter Gardens Press]  [Amazon]  [Nook]
  • Named the youngest head engineer in the history of his company, Ethan Cole’s first voyage on the Platinum Bow is his chance to stand out from his father’s shadow. His dream is dashed by the roguish Cecil Goode, promoted to Ethan’s position just before the ship sets sail. When the Bow is hijacked by pirates, Ethan and Cecil have to work together to bring the pirates’ nearly wrecked ship to safety. Will they make it to port before the ship burns out of the sky?
  • CrimsonVol2_267x400Dimitri’s Walk under pen name C.V. Madison
    Part of the Crimson Volume 2 anthology
    erotic M/F urban fantasy/horror
    Release date: 03/28/2014
  • Buy your copy at:[Breathless Press]  [Amazon]  [Nook]
  • After a demon hunt, Dimitri finds his love draped across the threshold bleeding and nearly dead. With his unique gifts as a vampire, he can heal her wounds and save her life, but will the siren song of her blood be too much to conquer?

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