Crimson Volume 2

CrimsonVol2_267x400Dimitri’s Walk under pen name C.V. Madison
Part of the Crimson Volume 2 anthology
erotic M/F urban fantasy/horror
from Breathless Press
Release date: 03/28/2014
ISBN# 978-1-77101-243-0

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After a demon hunt, Dimitri finds his love draped across the threshold bleeding and nearly dead. With his unique gifts as a vampire, he can heal her wounds and save her life, but will the siren song of her blood be too much to conquer?


A coppery tang hovering in the air called Dimitri to a standstill. The thud of the book he carried echoed in the empty hall as it fell to the floor. With nose lifted, he sought out the warm, rich aroma, clutching his stomach growling with hunger pangs. The scent grew stronger as he neared the entryway. His footfalls quickened.

The front door gaped toward the sidewalk. The light from a lone street lamp outside reflected in the polished wooden floor. Drops of scarlet dotted the steps. A small, shining pool oozed from under a dark-clad figure draped over the threshold. He could taste the thick, metallic flavor of spilled life.

“Winter!” Dimitri rushed to her side and gathered her into his arms. One limb dangled limp at her side and her once gray undershirt dropped from her throat to the floor. She must have removed the undergarment and used it as wadding for her wound. A liquid crimson droplet rolled down her porcelain skin.

Hunger grabbed Dimitri by the spine and shook him.

Dimitri kicked the door to his bedroom open and lay her on his bed. Her head lolled to the side, exposing a deep gash on her neck. The red stream trailed around her collarbone and matted her pale hair. One swath with his tongue and the wound would seal. All he had to do was trace the inside of the jagged cut and savor the flavor of her life as it trickled over his taste buds.

Dimitri bit his tongue. Hard. The resultant gush over his teeth was enough to snap him out of his daydream. He had to pull himself together, stop thinking about his thirst, and care for Winter. The girl was bleeding to death. He needed to control himself. He had been a vampire for centuries and survived his hunger before. He could do it again.

His mouth watered.


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